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Have you ever benchmarked your organization’s printing hardware and habits against industry best practices to reduce your office printing costs? Beacon makes it easy!

Pharos Beacon® is making heroes of IT and sustainability staff at companies and college campuses everywhere. Join them today and gain unprecedented visibility into your organization’s print environment in less than one hour!    >> Request Info  or call us at 888-864-7768 Ext. 2 to get started.

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Beacon makes it easy to identify the outliers in your environment that are producing unnecessary costs and waste. You will quickly see that print is low-hanging fruit in your effort to reduce organizational expenses. Take control of your print environment now and join the growing ranks of business leaders making a real difference to their organizations!

With Beacon, You Can:

  • Significantly reduce organizational expenses and waste.
  • Gain the perspective of a centralized IT environment without being centralized.
  • Discover the device configuration that best supports your people.
  • Access all volume, toner, and device states on demand, with minimal effort.
  • Gain comprehensive insights into your organization’s printing, including all output parameters.
  • Measure how efficiently your devices are used.
  • Keep your devices up and running with effective inventory replacement.
  • Easily monitor your device volume and utilization trends to recognize changes in your environment.
  • Know when a device requires service before a user discovers it.

>> Request Info   or call us at 888-864-7768 Ext. 2 to get started.


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