Is Print on Your Company’s Zero Trust Security Checklist?

Brad Nelson
March 2021

When it comes to network security, the conventional wisdom was that a secure perimeter will keep out the bad guys, like a moat around a castle to defend against pillagers. But keeping up with sophisticated and evolving threats, both external and internal, has become an expensive game that never ends. To stay ahead of the… [ Read more ]

Microsoft and Pharos: Solution Partners for Universal Print

Team Pharos
March 2021

On March 2nd, Microsoft announced the general availability of Universal Print, their cloud-based printing service within Microsoft 365. In their announcement, Issa Khoury, Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft, said “…for customers looking for print management solutions, a robust set of software partners are bringing software and cloud services that build on Universal Print.“ Pharos… [ Read more ]

The Impact of Covid-19: Predicting the Future of Printing

Kevin Pickhardt
February 2021

We’ve all been through something historic and unprecedented over the past year. We’ve seen a lot and we’ve learned a lot. In our own ways we’ve likely all wondered, what will the future look like? Whether it be the impact on businesses, education, recreation, or society at large, the global pandemic has compelled us to… [ Read more ]

Managing Print in 2021: What You Need to Know Now

Team Pharos
January, 2021

Managing print in 2021 involves factors that we couldn’t have foreseen at this time last year. Home offices and touchless printing are part of our new normal. Corporate offices are only just beginning to trickle in employees as the vaccination effort begins. Even with a vaccinated population, careful office protocols are likely here to stay…. [ Read more ]