Secure Printing: Is Your Company Ready For “The Wolf”?

Keith Nickoloff

Keith Nickoloff Keith Nickoloff

President | Chief Customer Officer

SINCE 1980, Keith has done one thing, and he has done it really well — print. Keith went from big company executive at Kodak (1980-1996) to small company entrepreneur at PathForward (1996-2002). He co-founded PlanetPrint and then sold his two companies to Standard Register in 2002. At Standard Register, he built new business models, technology, processes and services, before buying a piece of the business back from Standard Register to merge with Pharos, bringing world-class software together with world-class services.

Keith has always pursued relationships that are both enduring and endearing. As a result, he is a connector who knows how to get things done. Keith is most proud of the successful integration between Pharos and PathForward and the growth – in revenue and job creation – over the past 5 years. Keith also runs a farm, is an adjunct professor at RIT, and he plays an active role in his church and the American Heart/Stroke Association. He also does his best to look after his 7 grandchildren.

“Anyone can clean the center of a floor; it takes special care to clean the corners."

Good for HP for successfully calling attention to an overlooked aspect of corporate security strategy, and for doing so in such a novel way. If you have not yet seen The Wolf, HP’s print security mini-movie, then you’re in for a treat.



At Pharos, we share HP’s belief that it’s critical to secure your organization’s print environment. Reducing risk is only half the story; securing your print environment with the right print strategy and tools will also reduce your costs and waste, improve the efficiency of your employee printing workflows, and help you to reach your sustainability goals.

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