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To successfully manage your organization’s office print environment, you need to be able to see it clearly and completely. Whether you’re a small business or a large multinational enterprise, you need on-demand access to key analytics to manage print effectively. Beacon is the first step toward making print the way it should be: secure, cost-effective, and sustainable.

Your Data Lights The Path Forward

With Beacon, it’s easy to draw key insights from your data that will help you determine the best strategy to meet your organization’s goals. Whether that means ongoing analytics to support print reduction and employee awareness efforts, or a secure pull printing solution that incorporates mobile printing, it always starts with your data. Beacon is the fastest and most thorough cloud print management solution in the world. Within minutes of a simple installation, you’ll begin to see your organization’s print environment in your web browser. (Need an on-premises solution instead?)

We built 20 years of print management insights and innovation into the Beacon platform. Take control of your print environment and join the growing ranks of business leaders making a real difference to their organizations. You will quickly see that print is low-hanging fruit in your effort to reduce operational expenses. Get started today!

“I learned more in 45 minutes with Beacon than I did in six months of working with a print management consultant.”

-Director at large national retailer

“We were able to analyze print trends on campus and quickly identify printers to relocate for better student convenience.”

-IT Coordinator at Alfred State


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