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Pharos proudly serves more than 1,000 colleges and universities all over the world. We pioneered print management software for higher education more than twenty years ago and we continue to lead the industry today, with innovations including Pharos MobilePrint and the Pharos Print mobile app. With its seamless integration with Uniprint, IT administrators can confidently add the simplicity and convenience of secure mobile printing to their campuses.

Mindful print solutions from Pharos allow higher education institutions to recover unseen printing costs. Often challenged by a non-centralized IT infrastructure, few universities know the true cost of print across the whole university enterprise, including students, staff and administration. Pharos Beacon™ reveals these hidden costs without requiring a centralized IT infrastructure. The resulting transparency and data clarity enables the university to take appropriate actions to eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and establish a more sustainable print environment.

As a Certified B Corporation, Pharos is also the only print solution provider to achieve the highest standard for socially responsible businesses. Contact Pharos and let us help you reveal the unseen cost of print at your school. The money you ultimately save can be applied to your primary mission, delivering high-quality education and innovation-driving research.


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