Secure Cloud Printing

Secure your office printing | Reduce costs and waste | Reduce IT infrastructure

With Sentry Print Services, you can quickly establish secure cloud printing across your organization, eliminate print servers, and avoid the hassle of managing print queues and drivers. Pair it with Beacon Analytics and you’ll have the most complete cloud print management system available in the world.
(Need an on-premises solution instead? Try Blueprint Enterprise.)

The solution supports most printers and it’s easy to configure and install, even across multiple locations. Get started today and make print the way it should be: secure, cost-effective, and sustainable.

Join the growing ranks of business leaders who are taking advantage of secure pull printing via the cloud. You will quickly see that “print as a service” is the fastest path to improving print security and efficiency while reducing operational expenses. Get started today!

  • Secure your printing workflows to protect information and reduce waste
  • Reduce drivers and queues, eliminate print servers
  • Track printing metrics across your organization
  • Fast, easy setup and deployment across locations
  • Solution components update automatically
  • Works with most printers and multi-function devices

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