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Every organization has a unique print environment, but making print more secure, cost-effective and sustainable always starts the same way: You need to obtain a clear, comprehensive picture of your device fleet and how people print across your organization.

Pharos Blueprint Enterprise

Many Fortune 500 companies trust Pharos and our on-premises print management software, Blueprint Enterprise. This scalable solution works inside your corporate firewall to silently discover and track every device that employees print to, whether networked, locally attached, or direct-IP connected, capturing print activity at the user level in any print environment—including complex environments that contain a mix and match of printers from various manufacturers.

Blueprint Enterprise enables organizations of all sizes to secure their print environment, collect comprehensive user printing data for analysis and reporting, and significantly reduce costs year after year. Our multi-vendor Secure Release technology requires employees to authenticate at a printer to release and collect their documents, which ensures document confidentiality and reduces waste.

Many corporate customers also engage us for strategic print management and optimization solutions that include both technology and services, tackling print in the broadest possible way throughout the enterprise. Five of the Fortune 20 companies have entrusted Pharos on-site specialists to lead their implementation and provide ongoing program management.

Contact Pharos and discover how much more you could be saving, starting today. We will help you create more mindful print users and a more secure and efficient print infrastructure.


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