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Webinar: Thursday, March 28 | 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST

Improve Document Security and Achieve Significant Savings:

How Payer Services Organizations Can Optimize Their Results

Printed documents

By simply changing how employees print, you can save your organization millions of dollars while improving HIPAA and PHI compliance. Print is an untapped area for significant savings, and every unsecured document increases your risk of a costly data breach. Fortunately, securing your employee printing workflows the right way will help you achieve both hard cost savings and naturally reduce your information security risks.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Apply a proven formula to quickly estimate your current state print costs and determine your potential savings opportunity.
  • Identify new ways to significantly reduce print-related costs, and save 35% – 50% without any operational disruption.
  • Recognize security gaps and how to reduce risk / improve compliance associated with printed documents.
  • Identify the key metrics that reveal hidden costs.

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Webinar: Wednesday, April 3 | 1:00PM – 2:00PM EST

Roadmap: Pharos Blueprint Enterprise

The Foundation for an Informed MPS Strategy

Employee collecting secure documents

Blueprint Enterprise makes it easy to secure and manage your office printing environment, and it provides a seamless path to the cloud. When your organization is ready for print infrastructure as a service, the transition is simple.

Join our roadmap session to learn what’s coming in Pharos Blueprint Enterprise, and some of the future innovations our product teams have been working on.


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Webinar: Thursday, April 4 | 1:30PM – 2:30PM EST

Roadmap: Pharos Uniprint—Where We’re Headed

Campus View

Uniprint provides everything you need to manage print operations at your college or university, including Beacon Analytics, hosted on our native cloud platform. Beacon Analytics helps reveal the hidden costs in your environment, enabling you to take informed actions that eliminate waste and create a more efficient and sustainable print environment across campus.

Join our roadmap session to learn what’s coming in the Pharos Uniprint solution suite, and some of the future innovations our product teams have been working on.

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Hosted event: Tuesday, April 23rd | 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM EST

Beer, BBQ and Best Practices: Leveraging Camps and Programs On-Campus

Hosted by Pharos Systems at Monday Night Brewing Garage in Atlanta, GA

Monday Night Brewing Garage

Join your colleagues from nearby universities and organizations at our free seminar! Hear from our guest speaker, Buz Grover of George Mason University, and learn best practices for leveraging camps and programs on-campus. Connect with Pharos staff about changes happening in the world of print and the innovations our product teams have been working on, learn how to improve the security of your print environment, and more!

Complimentary Fox Brothers BBQ lunch will be provided, along with your preferred beverage choice from Monday Night Brewing.

Seating is limited and filling up fast! >> Register today! | Get Directions


ICYMI: Pharos Webinar Archive

Sentry Print Services – The future of office printing

Cloud services enable you to eliminate equipment, simplify user experiences, reduce IT tasks, and save your organization a lot of time and money. The future of print is in the cloud, too—and Pharos is leading the way! In this webinar, you’ll learn how Pharos is transforming the way companies optimize and deliver print services.

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7 Things You MUST Do to Secure Your Print Infrastructure

Your office printing introduces serious security and confidentiality risks. It’s also costing you a lot more than it should be. In this webinar, hosted by Pharos Systems CEO Kevin Pickhardt, you’ll learn critical steps you must take to maximize the investment in print that your company makes each year and protect your corporate printing environment from breaches of security and confidentiality.

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