Supported HP Printers and MFPs

Note: HP models with a 4-line LED display will release the user’s documents immediately after successful authentication. We also support the “Flow” version of any HP device.

Multi-function FutureSmart Devices

Single-function FutureSmart Devices

Color LaserJet CM4540 MFPColor LaserJet CP5525
LaserJet M4555 MFPLaserJet M601
Color LaserJet M575 MFPLaserJet M602
LaserJet M525 MFPLaserJet M603
Color LaserJet M775 MFPColor LaserJet M551
Color LaserJet Flow M575 MFPLaserJet M712
LaserJet Flow M525 MFPLaserJet M806
LaserJet M725 MFPColor LaserJet M855
LaserJet Flow M830 MFPColor LaserJet M750
Color LaserJet Flow M880 MFPColor LaserJet M651
Color LaserJet M680 MFPOfficeJet Enterprise Color x555
Color LaserJet Flow M680 MFPLaserJet M604
OfficeJet Enterprise Color X585 MFPLaserJet M605
OfficeJet Enterprise Color Flow X585 MFPLaserJet M606
LaserJet M630 MFPColor LaserJet M552
LaserJet Flow M630 MFPColor LaserJet M553
Color LaserJet M577 MFPColor LaserJet Managed E55040
Color LaserJet Flow M577 MFPLaserJet M506
Color LaserJet Managed E57540LaserJet Managed E50045
LaserJet M527 MFPPageWide Color 556
LaserJet Flow M527 MFPPageWide Managed Color E55650
LaserJet Managed E52545 MFPLaserJet M607
PageWide Color 586 MFPLaserJet M608
PageWide Color Flow 586 MFPLaserJet M609
PageWide Color Managed E58650 MFPLaserJet Managed E60055
LaserJet Managed E72525 MFPLaserJet Managed E60065
LaserJet Managed E72530 MFPLaserJet Managed E60075
LaserJet Managed E72535 MFPLaserJet Managed E60155
Color LaserJet Managed E77822 MFPLaserJet Managed E60165
Color LaserJet Managed E77825 MFPLaserJet Managed E60175
Color LaserJet Managed E77830 MFPColor LaserJet M652
LaserJet Managed E82540 MFPColor LaserJet M653
LaserJet Managed E82550 MFPColor LaserJet Managed E65050
LaserJet Managed E82560 MFPColor LaserJet Managed E65060
Color LaserJet Managed E87640 MFPColor LaserJet Managed E65150
Color LaserJet Managed E87650 MFPColor LaserJet Managed E65160
Color LaserJet Managed E87660 MFPPageWide Color 765
LaserJet M631 MFPPageWide Color Managed E75160
LaserJet M632 MFPPageWide Color P75250
LaserJet M633 MFPPageWide Color 755
LaserJet Managed E62555 MFPColor LaserJet Managed E75245
LaserJet Managed E62565 MFPLaserJet M507
LaserJet Managed E62575 MFPColor LaserJet Enterprise M751
LaserJet Managed E62655 MFPHP LaserJet Managed E50145
LaserJet Managed E62665 MFP 
LaserJet Managed E62675 MFP 
Color LaserJet M681 MFP 
Color LaserJet M682 MFP 
Color LaserJet Managed E67550 MFP 
Color LaserJet Managed E67560 MFP 
Color LaserJet Managed E67650 MFP 
Color LaserJet Managed E67660 MFP 
PageWide Color 780 MFP 
PageWide Color Flow 785 MFP 
PageWide Color Managed E77650 MFP 
PageWide Color Managed E77660 MFP 
PageWide Color 774 MFP 
PageWide Color 779 MFP 
PageWide Color Managed P77960 MFP 
PageWide Color Managed P77950 MFP 
PageWide Color Managed P77940 MFP 
PageWide Color Managed P77440 MFP 
LaserJet Managed E82560dn MFP 
LaserJet Managed E82550dn MFP 
LaserJet Managed E82540dn MFP 
Color LaserJet Managed E87660dn MFP 
Color LaserJet Managed E87650dn MFP 
Color LaserJet Managed E87640dn MFP 
Color LaserJet Managed E77442 MFP 
Color LaserJet Managed E77428 
LaserJet Managed E72425 MFP 
LaserJet Managed E72430 MFP 
LaserJet M528 MFP 
LaserJet Managed E52645 MFP 

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