Demo: Pharos Beacon and Universal Print

Pharos Beacon integrating Universal Print (Prototype)

Our solution is still in development, but this video shows how easy it will be to integrate our cloud services with Universal Print to create a simple, serverless secure printing environment that’s easy to manage. With Pharos, organizations running Universal Print will gain the many advantages of secure cloud printing.

Secure Printing for Your Azure Environment

Universal Print will be part of Microsoft 365, helping to simplify office printing for IT managers and employees. Universal Print leverages the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) and Azure Active Directory to make it easy for administrators to manage employee access to printers and enable direct printing workflows without requiring any print servers.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft and Pharos believe in cloud print management and a world in which printing is easy, secure, simple to manage, and free of print servers.

Universal Print is currently in private preview and is scheduled for public launch this year. We’re working with a few of our customers who are eager to test this integration in their environment. Want to join us in the Universal Print integration beta? Reach out here:

Join our Beta

Pharos customers who are considering Universal Print as part of their Microsoft 365 service can contact us any time for assistance and support with their integration.

~ Universal Print FAQ ~

Q: I'm already a Pharos customer. Do I need to change anything?
A: We get this question a lot. You don't need to change a thing. Universal Print is simply an option that organizations can use to integrate their Pharos solution with Azure AD, to secure printers for authorized use and protect document confidentiality.
Q: What printers work with Universal Print?
A: Printer manufacturers are coming out with new printers that natively support Universal Print. For existing printers that do not have the required firmware, Microsoft provides a connector, a small Windows application that connects printers to the Microsoft 365 cloud.

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